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The History of Chicken Jokes. Hilarious and Real!

Legendary Chicken Farmer J.J. Jingleheimer Schmidt

The Great-Great Grandfather of Chicken Jokes was Farmer and German Immigrant John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. You may have heard his name before. After plowing the fields and tending the farm animals, Farmer Schmidt would spend extra time tending his chicken coop. After years and years of evenings and early mornings in his chicken coop, he learned how to speak chicken.

Hard to believe, but some nights Farmer Schmidt would spend all night standing up and telling his chickens jokes. The chickens would laugh and cluck and cluck and cluck… Farmer Schmidt loved to make them laugh. His jokes were so funny the other animals on his farm became jealous. What was so special about Chicken Jokes and those chickens? So one night the other farm animals met up at the barn. They went down to the chicken coop.  No one knows exactly who pulled the trigger, but Farm Schmidt never found or heard from again.

Now, you know the real story behind Chicken Farmer J.J. Jingleheimer Schmidt.
Chicken Jokes
The History of Chicken Jokes – The Real Story behind the Legendary Chicken Farmer and The Jokes. Back then, they called him the da da da Chicken Whisperer, but history will always know him as the Great-Great Grandfather of Chicken Jokes.

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