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Cooking Jokes with Hidden Answers at Funny Jokester! We have the largest collection of cooking jokes on the Internet! Scroll down for tons of funny cooking jokes with new funny cartoons. Funny Jokester also has the most Cooking Jokes with funny cartoons! New Joke Ratings!

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Everyone loves food and laughs at Cooking and Kitchen Jokes! Funny Jokester features Restaurant Jokes, Cafeteria, Jokes, Apple Jokes, Fly-in-the-Soup Jokes, Fruit Jokes, Banana Jokes, Hamburger Jokes, French Fry Jokes. We actually have so many burger and fry jokes, they are featured in Fast Food Jokes!

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Funny Cooking Joke! Why Didn’t The Potato Chips Believe The Sandwich?

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Kitchen and Food Chuckles! Funny Jokester has Cooking Jokes with with Cartoons and Hidden Answers!

How Do You Turn Soup into Gold?

What Two Things Can You Not Have for Breakfast?

New! What Did One Knife Say To The Other?

Where Do You Go For a Burger in Tibet?

If I Had 8 Oranges in One Hand…?

Why Did the Kangaroo Stop Drinking Coffee?

What Did The Lobster Say Before Dinner?

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Telling Joke Tip: Make sure you finish chewing and swallow before you start telling a cooking joke.

Cooking Jokes
Why? Sometimes it’s hard to get a joke started smoothly when there are a number of other people talking, so it’s easy to start a joke at the best time, regardless if you’ve finished chewing. Sure enough, you’ll end up spitting something out and hitting someone. Avoid that moment of awkwardness and finish chewing before you start telling your joke. 🙂

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