Funny Alec Baldwin Joke and Police Report

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Funny Alec Baldwin Joke – New York City Police

Actual Police Report: Alec Baldwin was detained after riding a unicycle the wrong way on Fifth Avenue while trying to make fire from ice. Apparently he was wearing a red and white striped top hat while juggling 30 rocks and mumbling Two Bits about Kim Basinger… “I like my coffee like I like my women, bitter and murky!” The arresting female police officers wearing Miami Blues said “It’s Complicated” after Baldwin kept cursing about Dick and Jane. Baldwin stated “Great Balls of Fire! Don’t you know who I am? I’m on the Edge and I was Married to the Mob.” After the Confession, the Working Girls in blue took him down to the station at State and Main and read him the Brooklyn Rules. Afterwards, Baldwin Departed and shouted, “I was Seduced and Abandoned, I am on a Journey to the Edge of the Universe.”

Funny Alec Baldwin Joke and Police Report

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Fact: This May Not Be The Actual Police Report!

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