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Funny Halloween Joke! Why Do Witches Add Spiders To Eggs?

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How Many Monsters Are Good At Math?

Why Did Dracula Go To The Doctor?

New! Who Did Frankenstein Bring to the Prom?

New! What Do You Say to Make a Ghost Feel Bad?

How Do You Fix a Broken Jack-o-Lantern?

How Do Ghosts Like Their Eggs?

Did You Hear About Dracula’s New Girlfriend?

What Do Skeletons Say Before Eating Dinner?

Halloween Vampire Jokes!

New Vampire Jokes and Bat Jokes

Count Dracula and Vampire Jokes are fun anytime of year! Like, Did You Hear About Dracula’s New Girlfriend? And, Why Did Dracula Go To The Doctor? Why Do Vampires Chew Gum? Funny Jokester has Vampire Jokes with New Funny Cartoons!

Halloween Jokes
More Funny Halloween Monster Jokes!
New! Headless Horseman Joke, Grim Reaper Joke, Spiders and Eggs Joke, Garbage Collector Ghost Jokes, Zombie Jokes, Mozart in the Cemetery, Writer in the Cemetery Joke, Funny Dracula Jokes, Skeleton Jokes like What Did The Skeleton Say at the Customer Service Desk?.. and so many Mummy Jokes you could print them on a roll of toilet paper! 🙂

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Halloween Witch Jokes!

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