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Laugh at Kids Riddles with Hidden Answers! Funny Jokester has new Riddles for Kids with original new cartoons and funny faces! Have An Extra Chuckle with Funny Riddles for Kids with Cartoons at Funny Jokester!

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Riddles for Kids with Hidden Answers! Funny Jokester has Fun Animal Riddles with Funny Cartoons!

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New Cartoon Riddles! Funny Jokester has tons of Jokes and Riddles with Cartoons. Featuring Fun and Easy Riddles, Animal Riddles and Tricky Riddles! Funny Jokester has Riddles with Funny Cartoons and Hidden Answers! New! Funny Riddles with Cartoons for Kids!

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Get jokes and riddles on your smart phone and tablet! New Tell-A-Friend and easy riddle sharing buttons to share and tell at school, the office or just joking around!

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More Chuckles! Funny Jokester features Easy Riddles with with Cartoons and Hidden Answers!

Computer Riddle! Why Was The Computer Late For School?

What Kind of Books Are Made in Pieces?

Just Added Riddle! What Has A Foot At Each End and A Foot In The Middle?

New! What Is The Easiest Way To Double Your Money?

What Can You Break Without Touching It?

Easy Riddle: Why Is A River Rich?

What Has A Heart In Its Head?

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Funny Cartoon Riddle! When is a Door not a Door?

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