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Welcome to the Funny Jokester Online Contest! Submit a Joke, Funny Video or Cartoon to Enter! Contest RULES: Each joke is one entry. Jokes do not have to be original. If your joke is original, or you think it is, pleas make sure to include your name if you would like credit for your submission. Upload funny pictures, funny cartoons and funny videos below.

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Most jokes submitted are published! If you think it’s funny, so will other people. We can not guarantee every joke will be posted – but they are.  Share a laugh!

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Upload RULES: Please upload funny pictures, funny cartoons and funny videos with this uploader. If it’s really funny and you want the world to see it, laugh and share it, the submit it. Most submissions are reviewed and posted the same day!

Remember… Share a Laugh – And Save a Life!
Really. We could point out all the studies about how laughter is good for the mind and body.  Everybody knows a few minutes of laughter will drop your blood pressure and a chuckle or two can ease your mind in today’s hectic multitasking days. It’s really quite simple – laughter just makes you feel better. Your joke could make some poor slob in some suburban schmuckville remind themselves that life isn’t all that bad and to get through it without going postal or pulling a road rage incident. Save a life and share a laugh today!

What About Offensive Material?
Offensive, racial, stereotypical, sexist, homophobic material is highly appreciated. At FunnyJokester.com, we understand that you will be offended at some point in time – it’s called humor. We publish the funny and silly jokes here on FunnyJokester. Funny, silly jokes, pictures, screen grabs and videos for an all-age family audience.

What About Dirty Jokes?
Funny Dirty Jokes are appreciated. Funny, yet offensive jokes and similar material can be submitted at Dirty Jokester – Offensively Funny! Live, Let Live and Laugh On!